How to stop a hamster from biting?

How to stop a hamster from biting?

Hamsters are small, beautiful rodents that excavate holes underground, their stubby tail and thick legs distinguish them from other rodents. They’re cute, and enchanting so the people usually keep them as their pets. Although Hamsters look beautiful and adorable at first eye, their bites could be dangerous! To simply prevent a hamster from biting, one …

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The Roborovski is the smallest dwarf hamster and combined with their speed and agility, this makes them very difficult to handle.  


Dwarf Hamsters

Dwarf hamsters are gaining in popularity as pets and provide a smaller alternative to Syrian hamsters. Unlike Syrian and Chinese hamsters they can often be housed together in small same-sex groups of the same species if familiarised with each other while they are still young. Although if you are planning to house two or more dwarf hamsters …

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Syrian Hamsters

The Syrian hamster, or golden hamster, is the most popular choice of pet hamster due to its low cost, ease of care and the many different color variations available. They are also generally easy to tame and, due to their large size, they are the easiest hamster to handle. However, they are not sociable and fighting will occur if …

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