Hamster Health Issues Everyday Care || Medical Issues

Hamster Health Issues Everyday Care

You cannot call any medical professional to check your pet daily. For this you need to learn how to do  Self-examination of the rat’s body:

Self-examination of the Hamster’s body

(1) Teeth: Rats’ incisors are constantly growing, and sometimes the teeth are too long, which can make it impossible to eat. At this time, you can cut your teeth by yourself. Please use a small animal cutting tool. If you are afraid to cut, you can bring it to the doctor.

(2) Scent glands: only found in male rats. In the middle of the abdomen, there is a yellow-and-yellow thing, that is, fragrance glands. When male rats are in heat, the smell here will be particularly strong. Sometimes the scent glands will accumulate too much, remember to use hydrogen peroxide to adjust the saltwater to mix 1:10 regularly, help them wipe it!

(3) Eyes: If the rat is healthy, the eyes should be very shiny and shiny. If they are red, oily, or have eye feces, pay attention to them.

(4) Poop: The poop of the rat should be a little hard, the size of a grain of rice, black and odorless. Sometimes it will turn green, red, etc. Don’t be too nervous at this time. Please remember whether there is green or red feed in the rat’s feed. If there is, it is normal for it to be green. If there is a soft stool or smell, there is a danger of diarrhea, which is a fatal disease for rats and mice.

(5) Cheek pouch: Sometimes it is necessary to pay attention to whether the cheek pouch has been eaten. If it has not been eaten, please do not feed it again. If food is rotten and smelly in the cheek pouch, it is easy to cause buccal vesicle inflammation. Regularly pay attention to whether the cheek pouch has the smell of food corruption, and regularly help him clear the food from the cheek pouch, use salt water to adjust the water in a 1:3 manner, and use the feeding syringe to extend into the cheek pouch to rinse.

(6) Coat color: The hair of the rat is usually soft and shiny. If there is hair loss, please pay attention to whether it is allergies.

(7) Body temperature: The body temperature of rats and rats is generally touched by hands, which is slightly higher than our body temperature, but it is not obvious. If the body temperature of rats and rats is obviously high, it is very likely to be a sign of heatstroke!


Care and preventive measures for common hamster diseases

Ensure a reasonable diet structure, keep the environment dry and clean, and protect the safety of the pet’s life. Doing this is a fundamental way to maintain the health of the pet.

Diarrhea, soft stools

Causes: inappropriate diet, stress, sudden weather changes, etc.

Care products:

Fresh apple

Use the stool improvement liquid

Method: The more apples, the better, as long as the rats are willing to eat; add the whole intestine liquid to the water bottle, remember to change the water every day.

Environment: In addition to improper diet, stress is also a factor that causes diarrhea and soft stools. Therefore, during the recuperation phase, try not to disturb the rat and give it a peaceful environment

Eyes are swollen and inflamed

Causes: fights and humid environments cause a large number of molds to grow

Preventive measures: separate cages; change wood chips frequently, clean cages, keep the environment dry and ventilated

Care products:

Seth eye care cleaning solution (for small animals) (can also be washed with saline)

Chlortetracycline eye ointment

Cotton swab

Living environment: If the cages are combined, please separate the cages immediately and isolate them separately; instead of using wood chips, the cushion material is replaced with soft shredded paper towels; rest assured.

Method: Use cotton swabs dipped in care solution to help rats clean their eyes, and then apply chlortetracycline ointment.

Note: Use chlortetracycline with caution. If rats eat too much of the residual ointment by mistake, it will cause kidney failure, so try not to leave the ointment.

Swollen toes


1) The toes are entangled

2) Crazy running rollers when the toenails are too long

3) The toes are hooked or folded

4) Falling from high places, etc.


First, check whether there is any wound or bleeding on the surface of the toe. If so, you need to undergo trauma treatment first.

Method: Dilute with normal saline + betadine at a ratio of 2:1 (if this dilution ratio causes great irritation to rats and mice, the dilution ratio can be increased) to disinfect the wound.

1) Rats and rats are easy to lick the wound or touch the wound with their hands and then grab something to eat. The consumption of iodine is harmful to the health of rats and rats. Therefore, you can let the diluent stay on the wound for 2-3 minutes and wait until its sterilization effect is fully developed before using it. Wash with salt water.

2) Never use hydrogen peroxide and iodine to disinfect wounds. Their irritation is unbearable for humans, not to mention such weak rats; try not to use alcohol, which is too irritating. If you use it, please be sure to dilution!

3) Betadine and red syrup cannot be used at the same time! Because the mixture of the two will generate toxic ***, which not only makes the drug lose its bactericidal efficacy, but also has a strong stimulating effect on the skin and mucous membranes and other ***, causing skin swelling and blistering, and wound ulceration.

After confirming that there are no wounds on the surface or disinfection,

1) Give soft cushion materials (such as shredded paper towels, cotton, etc.) instead of sawdust.

2) Remove the scroll wheel

3) Rest quietly, wait for the bones to heal before walking

4) Skin diseases

Causes: ectoparasites, allergies, trauma, bacterial or mold infections, etc.


1) Selection of sawdust

Most of the wood chips used for rats are imported. When purchasing, you must identify the wood type

“Aspen” (poplar wood) sawdust can also cause skin diseases.

“Pine” wood chips are more suitable for hamsters, and most compressed wood chips are of this kind.

2) Keep the environment clean, dry, and ventilated

Change sawdust frequently and clean the cage;

Occasionally, you can spend a few minutes in the sun in the evening;

If the drinking fountain is leaking, it should be replaced immediately;

Avoid using cages with wire cage bottoms and mesh rollers to reduce the chance of a large number of molds.

3) Diet Replenish foods rich in minerals and comprehensive vitamins to increase resistance.

4) If there is a fight, or if there are rats in the same cage with itchy skin, they should be separated immediately.

Nine, the body language of mice

Final Words

Health Care is important for pets. As these are the part of your family. The thing to consider is that the health care for the pet is different from the normal human being. Secondly, another important thing to know is that the health of every pet is different from others.