Can Hamsters Eat Cheddar Cheese?

Can Hamsters Eat Cheddar Cheese?

For me cheese is undoubtedly my favourite deliciously… Of course who does not love the munchy cheesy nachos or cheese filled pizza or even I like to have broccoli with cheese. But the concern here is… Can our beloved hamster eat cheese?.. Is Cheese safe for hamsters…. the answer is not very intricate it’s simple yes they can eat cheese!

Because they also like you and I love to eat it. But what you need to consider is that pet parenting is also like parenting your kids. You need to have some limits while feeding your hamster because whenever you will go off board you are definitely going to bear the circumstances.

What you always need to keep in mind is that cheese is not a staple food or staple diet of your hamster. It should be served as a treat… So if you want to ask me what is the most balanced diet for a hamster I always recommend a pellet diet for hamsters. And of course like humans, plenty of fresh water is also good for hamsters. Now let’s dive into some health benefits and health risks in feeding your hamster with a treat of cheese.

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Goods And Bads Of Cheese For Hamsters

As a pet owner you need to know several facts and especially  food facts about your pet hamster. As a once in a while treat you can serve hamsters with cheese and there is nothing bad in it.

Serving your hamster with cheese can have several health benefits for your hamster such as for a nursing or pregnant hamster it can be a great nutritional addition. Moreover for young hamsters a very small amount that should not exceed from half or one teaspoon can be a great nutritional kick if provided once in a week. The best and recommended cheese type for your little muncher can be cottage cheese.

Moreover , the cheese like asiago and parmesan as being high in salt content are not good choices. Fatty cheeses are also a big no when it comes to hamsters as they cause unwanted weight gain. If you are trying to look for some low fat cheese you should go with mozzarella cheese.

Keep in mind that you are providing your hamster with an excessive amount of cheese that can be alarming and health hazardous. As if you or your pet will go with high doses of cheese. You store some junk cholesterol and sodium that can not only bring you at most risk of high blood pressure to a chronic heart patient.

Moreover the little kidneys of poor hamsters can get damaged with more frequent use of cheese and specially processed cheese. Besides that if you will over feed your hamster with cheese dosses get ready it can cause hard stools to your hamsters. As the cheese contains saturated fats and when combined with cholesterol it can cause constipation. You might need to add more fibers in your hamster’s diet to resolve the constipation issue and make your hamster bowel movements better. Beside that if you are using processed cheese more often you must add some fibers in your hamster’s food regime to ease his issue.

Cheese is full of calcium, zinc, riboflavin and phosphorus. These all minerals are good for your hamster’s health. Cheese also helps your hamster in maintaining a daily protein and fat dose that is their utmost requirement to maintain the body system.

Cheeses To Avoid Giving Your Hamster

Although cheese is good in moderation for your hamsters, there are still a few types of cheese that should be fully avoided to give to your hamster. Let’s check our dont list of cheese and cheese products that can harm your hamster’s health.

  • Parmesan
  • Hard Cheddar Cheese
  • Processed version of cheese launched with extra slat
  • Junk Food and other cheese flavoured snacks.

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Can hamsters eat cheese puffs?

Eating animal protein is not a new thing for hamsters as when they are living in the wild they do practice eating animal protein.What you need to consider is its moderate amount. Moreover you should add small balanced portions of diets and plenty of freshwater. But I don’t think that feeding your hamster on junk food like cheese puffs is such a nice idea.

Can hamsters eat cheese balls?

As giving cheese to hamsters is not too bad the same is the case with cheese. Of Course  you can serve your hamster with cheese balls. But I suggest serving them with cheese balls that are low in fat. As high fats can cause obesity and obesity is not good in any manner. Moreover, don’t serve them with fried cheese balls because it will add more fat into them if you want to serve them the cheese balls. It’s better to serve it oven baked.

Can hamsters eat cheese crackers?

All sorts of cheese is not recommended for hamsters so I suggest that you serve them with cheese in raw form. Cheese Crackers, Cheese butter or cheese puffs that are stuffed with extra salt and preservatives and tastemakers are not very much recommended for hamsters. As I can see them as junk and all the junk can cause obesity and other health issues.

Can hamsters eat cheese strings?

Nibbling on cheese strings is fine for hamsters. But if you think that you can serve them with a bundle of cheese strings and they will not get sick you are wrong. Provide them with cheese but not more often, they can enjoy cheese strings as a treat but not on a regular basis.

Can hamsters eat cheese sticks?

Eating cheese sticks for hamsters is normal until it is in moderate quantity. Moreover, you also make sure that you don’t serve them with salty cheese like Asiago or parmesan. I also recommend not to serve them with American cheese sticks, as they are full of sodium. Serving them with cheese sticks made out of cottage cheese is a better and healthy choice.

Can hamsters eat cheese and onion crisps

Can hamsters eat cheese popcorn?

If serving your hamster with cheese is fine… it does not mean at all that you can serve them with cheese Popcorn as well. Cheese popcorns are not a healthy option for your hamster.

Can hamsters eat cheese slices?

Yes of course you can serve your hamster with cheese slices. Moreover, it’s better that you use cottage cheese, or mozzarella cheese, or mild cheddar cheese. Because cheese with low salt and fat content is recommended for your hamsters and keep in mind only moderately small servings.

Can winter white hamsters eat cheese?

Yes, winter white hamsters or any other kind of hamsters can eat cheese only in moderate amounts. Moreover , you just use it in moderate amounts and it is better for your hamsters. Because his system may not afford a lot of sodium and fat content.