How to train a hamster - Welcome Home New Hamster - How to find if Hamster is Lost

How to train a hamster – Welcome Home New Hamster – How to find if Hamster is Lost

This is the time to welcome the new pet at home. If it is a hamster you need to perform some certain tasks. We will help you learn and make the arrangements for your newest family member. In case you lost it, a small practical portion is included to help you. Moreover, you can look at the portion of the Babycare in case you have a new Baby Hamster member in your family.

Let’s Begin with some most important tasks

  • Food induction, like being close to people after a long time
  • Give it a name, call it often,
  • Call it with a cry
  • A special portion is also included to discuss the special care for the Baby Hamster. 

Welcome the Hamster at Home


When Hamster comes home on the first day, don’t be too anxious to play with him, because Shushu will be nervous just after changing to a new environment, so let Shushu rest for a day.

Get used to it. Starting from the next day, feed the rats at a fixed time every day, so that the rats will get used to your hands and taste quickly. The method of feeding, put the feed on the palm of your hand, quietly reach into the cage and stop without moving, let the rat approach slowly, don’t disturb him when he eats, or he will treat you. The hand is wary.

In the beginning, the mouse may not be willing to approach at all or run away immediately after taking a bite. Don’t worry at this time, take your time!!

Get close.

After a week, Rats and Rats get used to the environment, you can change Rats to large cages. At this time, I think Rats should be more accustomed to taking food from your hands (the courageous Rats may already dare to climb You can get it in your hand), you can also try to let the mouse eat something in your hand, (that is, hold the mouse with the palm of your hand to let him eat on the palm, but be careful not to let the mouse fall), eat in the mouse At the same time, you can whisper his name and gently touch his head. Remember not to force it.

If you are unwilling or afraid, take your time. Each mouse has a different personality, and everything depends on it. The master will catch it by himself!!

know each other.

Let the mouse get used to the way you call him. Like Yun, he will knock on the cage door and call the name of the mouse before he comes out holding the mouse. Let the mouse walk to the cage door and smell my scent. Take him out. The owner also needs to understand the ways Shushu likes and hates.

For example, there is a Shushu in the Yun family. If you don’t have to call him to the door when you want to hug him out of the cage, he must bite before saying it ^^” After the mouse and the owner can understand and trust each other (as if talking about the relationship between boy and girlfriends ^^”, the relationship with each other will definitely be sweeter.

Interact a lot to build relationships.

Once the mouse recognizes you, it will slam the ground. I often see people in major discussion forums asking why Rats and Rats bite me? In fact, Rats and Rats bite people is normal because you are a huge, unknown object to him, so of course, he is for his own safety. It must be guarded, and the only weapon of the rat is the small but sharp teeth.

So don’t get upset and angry because you’ve been bitten by the mouse, let’s not give it away or abandon it because of this. It takes time for people to get acquainted with each other, not to mention that you like to let the mouse get along. Rats eat things on their hands, such as melon seeds, peanuts, breadworms, and other food for rats and rats, which are usually fed by holding rats, and they will be allowed to go shopping on the cloud (be careful not to let them The mouse falls off the body), so that the mouse will easily get used to the smell and sound of the cloud.

Choosing the Cage of the hamster

Hamsters are nocturnal animals. They are active at night and sleep during the day. Pay attention to activities during the day. In summer, there are hamster igloo, hamster porcelain nest, hamster cooling version, choose the size according to the size of the hamster Dwarf category: 47cm long basic cage, corncob or sawdust, winter: wooden house, absorbent cotton, cannot be washed,

Golden silk bear: 58 cm long basic cage, 21 cm running wheel, 80ml steel ball kettle, food bowl, Golden silk bear food, hamster cooling version, summer bedding: corn cob or wood chips, winter: wooden house, absorbent cotton, golden silk bear club Saliva bath, bath sand can not be used, can not be washed.

Shih Tzu Bear/Golden Silk Bear

Shih Tzu Bear/Golden Silk Bear: 58cm long basic cage, 21cm running wheel, 80ml steel ball kettle, food bowl, golden silk bear grain, hamster cooling version, summer bedding: corn cob, winter: wooden house, absorbent cotton, wood chips cannot , Jinsi Xiong can salivate bath, can not use bath sand, can not wash,

(You can eat dried apples, dried bananas, dried bread worms. When snacks are given less, if you eat too much, you can get angry. If your eyes get angry, you can feed a few green beans to remove the fire.)

Postpartum nutrition for female hamsters: (Do not eat yellow boiled eggs, boiled broccoli, boiled prawns, cabbage leaves are cleaned and dried, and boiled should be wiped dry with paper to prevent diarrhea.)

The equipment in the hamster cage should include:

  1. Food bowl-relatively heavy, will not be bitten, not easy to be knocked over. Preferably it is ceramic.
  2. The drinking fountain outside the cage-it should be fastened outside the cage, and it can be used by rabbits or golden retrievers.
  3. Bath tubs-except for those available in specialty stores, as long as they can be rolled over, dry-cleaning powder or fine sand can be used in relatively tall containers that are not scattered around.
  4. Bedroom-Find a wooden box and put it on the highest part of the cage. Other paper boxes, such as paper boxes or shoe boxes, will be crushed quickly by it and will not last long.
  5. Platforms-they usually like to jump high, so one or two platforms made of wood or white iron can be used for them to jump on.
  6. Branches-in a relatively large cage, you can put a bunch of branches that allow them to move around. For example, branches of zelkova, willow, and pine trees can be used. If it is picked up, it is best to boil it in boiling water first.
  7. Sawdust – Although the feces of rats and mice are fine and hard and odorless, their urine has an odor, so something needs to be taken to absorb the odor. Pine shavings and sawdust are most suitable and can be changed only once a week.
  8. Molar tartar-Rats and rats’ teeth will continue to grow, they need to bite something to grind their teeth short to be healthy. It is necessary to put a piece of mineral tartar or wood stone for them to bite.

Of course, the professional hamster plastic space box sold in the pet market is ideal for accommodation and entertainment facilities. But the cost is slightly higher.


I used a new hamster toilet to let it come out to play, called it with a voice, it ran over, knocked on the hamster toilet and it went in, now it’s enough to crawl into the basic cage and return to the nest. Don’t put the hamster cage like me. When placed so high, hamsters like to climb high and fall easily.

Put it out to play, block the sewer first, block all the places where you can get in, remove the bucket, remove the wire, Hamsters like to run wheels, eat hamster food, feed for a long time, and like to be close to people

Important Points to remember while caring for the Hamster

  1. Pay special attention to heat dissipation and keep warm, because rats and mice have poor adaptability to the environment, so pay special attention to summer and winter.
  2. Rats’ teeth will become weaker and weaker, unable to bite grains and sunflower seeds, so the rat’s food needs special preparation. Shishi will help mice with bad teeth prepare star feed + laboratory rat feed mixed with ground food, and soak it with milk to make the mice eat better, and also cut sunflower seeds, peanuts, etc. for the mice to eat. I will feed them some nutrients so that the nutrition is enough. If the rat’s teeth are still very healthy, you don’t need to prepare special feed for him. You only need to provide some more nutritious things for the rat. However, the owner should carefully observe the rat’s eating situation and slowly adjust and improve To the best.
  3. Because rats and mice have little physical strength, all facilities in the cage are best placed on a flat surface (ex. food bowl) to prevent them from climbing up and down.
  4. What Mice needs most is the owner’s more love, care and patience!!

Baby Hamster Care

In case you have the new Hamster in the form of the new baby hamster. Then don’t worry the mother will herself care for her child. On the issue that mother S will not take care of little S

1: Find another mother S who is breastfeeding, wrap your baby in the urine of that mother S, and try it together, that is, find a nanny. But the nanny is not easy to find, and if it is found by the nanny, Maybe 2 litters are not guaranteed.

2: Raise yourself, ensure the temperature, you can use a light to keep warm, or use a warm baby to put it under the baby in the CD box. Fill the diluted milk powder with the eye drops bottle (boiled in hot water) for the baby to drink, 2 hours Once, it is very difficult to do! And as the baby grows, the amount will increase. It’s cold, the wooden house and natural cotton keep warm, the cotton should not have impurities, the thread will entangle the hamster

Clean the cage frequently and change the bedding frequently, keep the cage clean and hygienic, and change the food and wash the food bowl and kettle regularly

How to find a hamster

In case you lost your hamster these are the steps you should perform to find out your hamster

  1. Block the sewer first, block all the places where you can get in, remove the bucket, remove the wire,
  2. Find every room, every corner, if not found, take the next step
  3. Put some hamster food in every room and see which room has less hamster food
  4. Hole out the middle of the upper cover of the shoe box, put some hamster food in the shoebox, and make a trap

Final Words

It takes a lot of thought to take care of rats and rats. With good care, rats and rats can live long. The average lifespan of a rat is about two years old, so a rat over one and a half years old is considered a rat. The situation that the rat can make is the obvious deterioration of physical strength. Most of the time is sleeping, staggering, and walking. Staggered, hard food, etc., so it takes more thought to take care of it!!