Signs of A Happy Hamster

How To Keep Your Hamster Happy?

People keep pets to enjoy their company. Popular pets are dogs, cats, birds, sea monkeys, guinea pigs, goldfish, and hamsters. Taking care of hamsters is easy once you put them in a proper cage. Hamsters are happy animals and they love the company of their owner. They don’t crave a lot of attention and you don’t have to take them to walk or exercise because by running on their wheel they get enough exercise. 

This article will help you a lot if you are searching at how to keep your hamster happy. Take the following easy steps to keep them happy. 

  • Spend some time with them even 15 minutes of a day will be enough to make him happy
  • Serve him his favorite food in a dish or bowl
  • Change your hamsters’ food daily because they are not a fan of leftovers

They don’t need grooming much which is a plus point. Isn’t it? Hamsters are low maintenance pets. They interact with their owners and their environment. People in the United Kingdom are fond of hamsters. The population of pet hamsters in the United Kingdom was estimated to be about 300,000 in 2018-2019. 

Signs of a happy hamster

If you live with your hamster for a couple of days, you will know the signs of his happiness. Signs of a happy hamster vary and it greatly depends on their personality. Some hamsters love company of their owner and others enjoy exercise. Body language like can explain everything about their moods. The signs of a happy Syrian hamster and the signs of a happy dwarf hamster are not different. One of the biggest signs of a happy hamster is he will not eat his cage and will try to escape from it. Happy hamster behavior can also be predicted by his body language. 

How to know your hamster is bored?

Hamsters are energetic animals. So following are some signs that will tell you that your hamster is either sad or bored, as:

  • If it sleeps or rests a lot
  • If it keeps chewing everything around it especially the bars of its cage
  • If you see a decrease in its energy level

Tips To Keep Your Hamster Happy

How to make your hamster happy is a very important question. Certain steps should be taken in this regard. Taking care of your hamster and making it happy is a little tough. Here are some easy for you to keep him happy and energetic.

The Cage


A small cage is usually the reason for an unhappy hamster. The cage of your hamster should be large enough for it to run and play. This will keep your hamster happy and provide it the required amount of exercise to keep it healthy. The right type of housing is very important for your hamster so pay special attention to the size of the cage. We recommend you not to use the plastic cage as most of them hamsters chew the wires of it. Trying to eat the cage is one of the hamster depression symptoms.

Location of the cage

The proper location of your hamsters’ cage is as important as its size. Don’t place the cage in direct sunlight or front of a heater. Place it in a cool place.

Necessary Trappings


These are the basic needs of your hamster. For this purpose, you should blanket the floor of its cage with wood shavings. Avoid cellar or pine wood shavings as these can be toxic. Fold an old towel or a T-shirt and place it on the floor of the cage, this makes it a comfortable place for him. Place a food dish and a water container in your hamsters’ cage so that he can drink water when he feels thirsty. 

Feed Properly

Feed your little pet fresh and organic food. Offer him green vegetables, carrots, and other fresh fruits. Don’t offer him too much food to avoid weight gain issues. So feed in an adequate amount. 

Entertainment For Your Hamster

Entertaining your hamster is very important to keep him engaged in some useful activities. The hamster wheel is one of the most common toys to make him happy. Make sure the size of the wheel is suitable for your hamster. It shouldn’t be too large or too small.

Another way of providing entertainment is by setting up a tube system. Place a variety of hamster toys in the cage such as empty cardboard boxes, popsicle sticks, and empty toilet paper rolls. 

Interact With Your Hamster

Keep your hamster great care and spend some time with him every day. A friendly relationship with the owner is also one of the big signs of a happy hamster. Neglecting your hamster will affect its happiness. Allow it to run around in a secure place. 

Respect Their Space

Most hamsters love to be cuddled but some are simply not a fan of being touched. A new hamster may need time to get used to you. Whatever the reason is if your hamster doesn’t want you in its space you should respect that. 


Keeping a hamster happy might not be easy but a little effort and perseverance can help you a lot. They just need a little care to become your true friend.