Best Silent Hamster Wheel

Best Silent Hamster Wheel

Silent hamster wheels are favorite hamsters toys of pet owners, this is because regular exercise is healthy for their pet however, the wheels that are utilized are usually very squeaky or noisy, which can be quite irritating if you’re trying to concentrate on work or just trying to get a good night’s sleep. To save rodent owners from the stress of researching, and weighing out on which wheels to buy, we have compiled together with the 5 best selling silent wheels for hamsters, along with their pros and cons so you can invest in the best exercise wheel for your beloved hamsters.

1. Silent Runner Exercise Wheel for multiple small  pets

 Silent Runner 9" | Wheel + Cage

This wheel right here is that won’t keep you up at night with all its squeaks and creaks and will allow you to get your beauty sleep in peace, without any disturbances whatsoever. This wheel has makes use of the unique rolling-ball-bearing design that allows it to run smoothly and efficiently without any noise. Multiple hamster owners have testified to the fact that this was indeed the best silent runner hamster wheel they had purchased, and the descriptions of the product stay true as you will be buying exactly as it is stated. This wheel also does not have the center axle placed onto it which will prevent harm and injury to hamsters and other small pets, as is usually the case with other hamster wheels.

The ideal size for a dwarf hamster is at least 6.5” while for larger ones, the minimum size is 8”. Thought this wheel is best suited for larger hamsters like the Syrian hamster, this wheel can also be bought for smaller sized hamsters.

Note: Additional tracks can also be purchased to prevent the wheel from slipping and turning into accidents.


  • Can be removed from the cage for easy cleaning
  • Comes without a center axle which prevents injuries to critters
  • Uses a mechanism which allows the wheel to spin quietly and efficiently
  • Solid surface wheel


  • High Priced


2. Kaytee Silent Spinner Exercise Wheel

r Exercise Wheel

This wheel is made of high-end plastic material, with a smooth surface for the runner, and is suitable for dwarf hamsters.

The wheel can easily be fit into any cage as it is coupled with a stand along with a fiber-tie to make it fit sturdily onto the cage sidewall.

This silent runner hamster wheel allows your pet to run miles while you sleep soundly at night. Its high-quality plastic surface prevents your hamster’s nails from hooking into the floor fabric and hurting them, which can be a problem with many other wheels.


  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Easy to fit
  • Can be opened from one side for easy access
  • Easy to wash and clean
  • Budget-friendly


  • The stand is light and can topple down incase of heavier pets
  • Sizes can be too small for larger hamsters
  • Some of the reviews suggest that the newer version of the product does not run as smoothly and efficiently as the older version


3. Ware Manufacturing Exercise Wheel

cturing Exercise

This silent runner hamster wheel is ideal for small but energetic hamsters. This bright, eye-catching, and dynamic hamster wheel has brought upon itself a lot of attention owing to its creative and unique design. It is also quite effective at promoting silent exercise and improving the well-being and health of your pet hamster. Along with that, it is also completely tail-safe and toe-safe, ensuring that pets will not get hurt or injured while using and will only attain positive results from it.


  • Has a smooth and solid running surface
  • Fun, creative, and eye-catching
  • Toe-safe and tail-safe


  • It is quite small but not ideal for medium or large hamsters


5. Kaytee Comfort Wheel Large


Kaytee Comfort Wheel Large is an open-wheel and comes without any walls to keep your pet enclosed inside of it. Due to this, pets will find it much easier to go in and out of the wheel while running or exercising. However, there is also a downside, as your pet hamster is liable to slipping and falling out of the wheel while it is running due to the lack of walls around the wheel. That being said, the wheel is made of a solid track and has bumps designed and manufactured into for a better grip


  • The large wheel which can be used by huge hamsters such as the Syrian Hamsters
  • Budget-friendly
  • Can stand / be attached to the cage
  • No walls for easy access


  • Is not completely quiet
  • Pets may slip and fall as it doesn’t have walls
  • The surface can be slippery despite being textured

The above-mentioned products are listed as the best silent hamster wheels. As hamsters are nocturnal creatures and exercise is necessary for them, it is best to find a silent runner hamster wheel for your furry friend.