Best Syrian Hamster Cage

Best Syrian Hamster Cage

When you think of the word “hamster”, you imagine a small, fluffy golden-brown ball of fur. However, hamsters come in different shapes, sizes, and types. The Syrian Hamster is quite large, and an adult Syrian Hamster can be around 12-13 cm and weighing 120 grams. Proper accommodation needs to be provided to Syrian Hamsters, sturdy cages with proper ventilation, and enough room for the hamster to move around to help regulate its health. The size of the cage should be chosen according to the size of the hamster. We’ve picked our top 5 favorite epic hamster cages for Syrian Hamsters.

1. Favola Hamster Cage

favola hamster


This cage in itself is quite large and spacious and meets the minimum requirements for rodent cages, which is an ideal Syrian hamster cage size. Along with that, it has a great chew-proof wires mesh, meaning that hamsters cannot grind on the wired cage to form holes to escape. As it is a wired mesh cage, it is a breathable space and has an ample amount of airflow.

Given the ventilation feature, it will help regulate the temperature inside the cage and keep it cool, allowing for your pet hamster to live in an environment of comfort. It also has an extended bottom that collects dropping, making cleaning the cage much easier and more efficient.


  • Easier to clean the cage because of its deep bottom feature
  • Wired mesh cage for good airflow and proper ventilation
  • A durable wired mesh which is chew proof
  • Chew proof wiring will prevent hamster from escaping


  • A hole in the lower floor can be hazardous to hamster
  • Reviews suggest water bottle doesn’t work properly
2. Living Deluxe Cage

living world delux


This hamster cage is the benchmark for hamster living, and is quite possibly, the best type of cage for a Syrian hamster. This cage provides a more natural environment for the hamster to accommodate in and will help facilitate it in getting adjusted to its surroundings

It is quite large and spacious which is ideal for hamsters, and thus adds to the natural environment factor of the cage. It is almost two times the size of a regular hamster cage, so your Syrian hamster will have an ample amount of room to run around, play and exercise according to its needs.

Living Deluxe comes with a solid base which is a bonus, as it means that any dirt present in the cage will not fall through to the floor, which will reduce the amount of cleanup that may be necessary with any other regular cage.

The smooth and hard plastic helps in easy cleaning. It comes with multiple other working accessories as bonus, such as a water tank for your pet to drink from.

The balcony is a very cute feature of this cage and makes it look homelier as compared to other cages.


  • Gives off the feeling of a natural environment
  • Large and Spacious
  • Solid base
  • Can be cleaned easily
  • Comes with extra accessories


  • Reviews suggest that it lacks durability
3. Prevue Pet Hamster Cage

Prevue Pet Products


This cage is quite large and spacious and its dimensions are bigger than other numerous hamster cage products that might be available in the market. This is one of the epic hamster cages.

It has enough room and space inside of the cage, coupled along with a deep base, which helps facilitate the cleaning of the cage. The droppings that get collected in the deep bases can easily be cleaned up. As the cage is quite spacious, your pet will have enough room to play and run around.

This cage has a unique feature of two large doors that will further help ease up the process of cleaning the cage. The wire spacing is quite narrow meaning that your hamster cannot escape as long as the doors are shut.


  • Droppings collected in a deep base
  • Large and spacious
  • Easy to clean with access points
  • Narrow wire spacing makes it impossible to escape from


  • Narrow wire spacing does not provide enough ventilation
4. AmazonBasics Cage

AmazonBasics Cage


Thus Amazon-branded cage is available with a 1-year warranty and comes with multiple accessories such as a water bottle (drip-proof), balcony access ramp, and trip – proof food dish for your furry friend.

The cage also has a hiding space that can be accessed underneath the balcony to give privacy to your pet. The base is made of smooth plastic, the frame made out of sturdy iron wire, and the front can easily be opened to access the cage for cleaning and other purposes. It is said that this is the best type of cage for a Syrian hamster.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Excellent quality
  • Easy to access and clean
  • Ample amount of room to exercise


  • Plastic is brittle and prone to cracking
  • The balcony is a bit unstable
  • Sides fit improperly
5. Habitrail Cage

habitrail small animal


This cage will satisfy all primal needs and requirements of hamsters for instance the need to run around and explore and hide.

The cage has an ample amount of airflow and is quite easy to clean. Other habitat accessories can also be attached to this cage. The tip of the water bottle has a stainless steel tip and is chew and rustproof.


  • Offers a haven for your pet
  • Proper ventilation and airflow is present in the cage
  • Easy to clean
  • Stainless steel and chew-proof water bottle tip


  • The size of the cage is relatively small
  • The wheel can be a bit squeaky and on the loud side

The above-mentioned products are listed as the best type of cage for a Syrian hamster. As hamsters are territorial creatures and exercise is necessary for them, it is best to find a cage that is large enough for them to move around and exercise in. There is no need to turn to a DIY Syrian hamster cage for your furry friend when these 5 best selling products are available in the market.