Hamster Food: Dos and The Taboos

Hamster Food: Dos and The Taboos

Hamsters are compact rodents in the form of mice. The body is stubby and weighs 30 to 1000 grams. The tail length ranges from 7 to 106 mm. It is generally half the body length, without scales, and densely covered with hairs. A few species (such as desert hamsters) are very short, less than half of the hind feet; some species have larger females than males.

The tail hair color is quite different, generally gray, gray-brown, or sandy brown. The original hamster has a brighter color, reddish-brown on the back and black on the abdomen. Hamsters have long and thick fur. They are gray on the back, light yellow to pink, light brown or reddish-brown, and white, gray, or black on the ventral surface. Their flanks are also often white, and some have intermediate stripes and sebaceous lateral glands

The Equipment Basic equipment for hamster feeding

(1) Food bowl: Anything is fine, including clean ashtrays, small boxes, etc… Pay attention to the edges and do not scratch the rats.Food bowl

(2) Roller: Please choose seamless rollers, seam wheels, the rats are easy to get stuck when running.hamster roller

(3) Water bottle: The steel ball type water bottle is the best, and there is also a dropper type. The most important consideration is to not leak water.Guardians Hamster Water Bottle,Little Pet Automatic Drinking Bottle with Food Container

(4) Small nest: You can make it yourself, using tissue paper boxes, paper boxes, etc., or you can use small nests sold on the market, and you can also use glass seasoning bottles, which are the same as the ones in the Lola film I shot.

(5) Relief supplies in summer: marble, heat sink, bottle ice, cold sofa, etc.

(7) Warm-keeping products in winter: cotton, warm bags, socks, facial tissues.

(8) Cage: There are high-grade rat and rat cages on the market

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The fish tank is actually the most practical. It is transparent and easy to watch the rat and rat, and does not require much investment. . You can freely choose according to personal preference and acceptance. But be sure to make sure that the mouse has enough space to play. If you buy a high-grade rat cage, the rollers will be configured in the cage. If you use a fish tank, you can also buy the rollers individually.

Do not use barbed wire for the cage chassis, as rats and mice are prone to fractures and injuries[/su_box]

Basic consumables for hamster feeding:

(1) Mat material: Pine sawdust, poplar wood, laboratory sawdust, etc., which can keep rats warm and absorb water in winter.

(2) Fine cat litter: It is more suitable for use in summer. It is cool and condenses into lumps after absorbing water, just shove it up. (There are places where you can buy cat supplies in supermarkets. Don’t buy crystal cat litter. Normal ones are fine. Small gray particles are fine.)

【★Fine cat litter please choose fine cat litter without perfume beads! 】

(3) Corn Gen: Used in summer, it is cool but does not absorb water, and the price is slightly expensive (not recommended).

(4) For the sawdust cushion material, please try not to use scented sawdust and decoration products that smell too much.

Matters needing attention in diet:

(1) Please don’t think that the rat is too cute. If you give too many sunflower seeds or high-calorie foods, the rat will get fat easily and the nutrition will be unbalanced. Overweight mice are prone to heatstroke in summer, their skin is too thick and hair is easy to shed. Sunflower seeds can be used as reward food for training rats. They absolutely love sunflower seeds.

(2) Please don’t think that Rats and Rats do not need to drink water! Water must be supplied and the drinking water must be changed every two or three days.

(3) Do not feed too much of the fruits and vegetables at one time, as it may cause diarrhea and death. Most fruits and vegetables contain pesticides, please wash them with water and dry them before feeding.

(4) The snack part is matched with the staple food. Increase the snacks. Please reduce the staple food. Don’t give too many snacks. Obese rats are easy to get sick.

(5) Please keep the feed and snacks in airtight jars, and store them in the refrigerator. Please discard the food that breeds insects and ants.

(6) Breadworms are the favorite of mice, but the protein content is too high, just give a few at a time, not too much.

(7) The whole grains of small birds are the best food for rats and mice, just buy some mixed. For example, corn flakes, buckwheat, oatmeal, raw peanuts, hemp seeds, rice, wheat, sorghum, raw melon seeds, can appropriately increase the number of oatmeal, buckwheat and hemp seeds. Fruits and vegetables are careful! ! ! Avoid feeding fruits and vegetables with more moisture! ! ! Chinese cabbage leaves can be left for a day or two. After the leaves have almost evaporated, they can be fed with vitamins to the rats. Shushu loves to eat oily lettuce

Eight taboos in hamster breeding:

(1) It is forbidden to feed human food. Too much salt and too heavy seasoning will increase the body burden of the rats.

(2) Direct contact with the sun is forbidden. Rats are very afraid of heat. Summer is here, please use heat sinks or marble to cool them off.

(3) If it is not necessary, do not wash the rat’s body with water.

(4) Please understand the breeds of your own rats. Single-living rats or different breeds are not allowed to be kept in cages.

(5) If you don’t have psychological preparation or financial ability, please do not keep female and male rats in a cage. The reproduction ability of rats is very impressive.

(6) It is forbidden to use feed from unknown sources, please discard it if it has insects or mold, and do not feed it!

(7) The use of newspapers is prohibited, and newspapers have too much ink.

(8) It is forbidden to keep rats in a space that is too small. The space must have at least water bottles, food bowls, small nests and other supplies.

Raising hamsters can use a 50 cm square tank for raising tropical fish, with a wire mesh cover on it (it is easy to be stuffy in summer, so be careful). When using a wire cage, hamsters grab the wire and climb upwards, there is a danger of falling. Therefore, it is best to keep the cage not very high and remove the wire at the bottom of the cage before use. Cover the bottom of the cage with wheat straw, hay, sawdust or thin newspaper strips, etc. The feeding basin can be made of ceramic, preferably heavier. You can provide some branches for chewing to prevent the teeth from growing too long.

Final Words
Food is really important for life to sustain and the quality of life to improve. This is necessary to provide healthy food to every living being associated with you. You must learn that every food item is not for everyone. This is the time to learn about the best food and the best food practices for your Hamster.