Best Hamster Water Bottle for Dwarf and Syrian Hamsters

The best hamster water bottle is considered as a 4-Ounce bottle, that resists leaking and water slips through its pipe easily i.e. a Living World water bottle. Water is essential to all living organisms and so it is to hamsters. Possibly the best hamster water bottle could be a bottle that is 4-ounce, this is a very decent and perfect storage size of water-bottle for dwarf hamster or a Syrian hamster. There are still many things to keep in regard while buying a water bottle for dwarf hamster or Syrian hamster.

What to look for buying a hamster water bottle?

A no leak hamster water bottle is always preferably the best one, as leakage could create serious problems for hamster’s health. Hamsters live in dry areas, so cold water can affect them badly. They can catch the flu or cold, which could further lead to worst conditions such as the expiration of the hamster.

While buying a hamster water bottle for aquarium, you need to look for a good water bottle along with its holder. A wide range of hamster water bottle holder is available even specifically for aquariums. A perfect hamster water bottle with a holder looks pretty, fine, and doesn’t let water drip out of it. It is generally made up of plastic. Hamster water bottle for humans could be of 32 ounces, it is way bigger and greater than an ordinary hamster water bottle.

It should be a non-drip quiet hamster water bottle because both dripping and noising can hurt hamsters as they are sensitive to water and loud noises. People prefer buying hamster water bottles up to 4 ounces although they are available up to 11 ounces. A decent hamster water bottle would be of size 2.3*2.3*6 inches dimensionally.

The article features top-selling hamster water bottles, along with their brands and specifications however one should always buy a hamster water bottle according to the requirements of his pet.

There is a common believe among people that hamsters can drink water from bowls, to an extent this is true but they are always comfortable drinking with a bottle however still many hamsters can drink water with a bowl, but it is advised to never make a hamster obliged of drinking water from a bowl instead one should buy a suitable water bottle for him.

This article focuses on different hamster water bottles one should prefer buying, we will describe features of these bottles along with their pros and cons.

Kordon/Oasis (Novalek) SOA80304 Bell Bottle:

In the worldwide marketplace, when it comes to buying a water bottle for dwarf hamster or any Syrian hamster, the Kordon oasis Bell Bottle is the most decent and reasonable choice. It is a 4-ounce bottle that works perfectly for dwarf hamsters and Syrian hamsters. There is a small strap that is additionally attached to the water bottle so it could be placed anywhere in aquariums easily, the strap also allows the bottle to fit at many other places such as cages, walls, etc.  The water bottle is up to 4 ounces.

It is made up of rigid plastic, and its round-edged corners can resist the chewing damage that can be caused by a hamster as they have a habit of munching and chewing foods, rubbers, and cages, etc. The bottle specifically results best for dwarf and Syrian hamsters however it can serve more animals like rats, mice gerbils, or hedgehogs. The water bottle comes with a hold-guard that is chiefly designed to make sure that the water bottle accurately fits everywhere. The water bottle weighs 204 grams which are easy to handle around.

It is available in green color and customers had overall rated a 4 star for this product. The reviews are all good, nice, and acceptable. Kordon/Oasis is a very well-known brand that is satisfying customers, creating a great position, and portfolio in online marketplaces. Kordon/oasis had launched multiple same products relevant to these bottles and they are developing many other innovative products under the niche of the pet industry. Upon the customers’ experience, this product Kordon/Oasis (Novalek) SOA80304 Bell Bottle is proved to be worth buying. The item is wholly durable and easy to use and the customers can save up to 28% GST amount by incredible payment structures provided by the seller.

    • The bottle is made up of fine and rigid plastic
    • It can fit accurately and safely in aquariums and cages.
    • Chewing doesn’t cause any damage to it.
    • It is also suitable for many other small animals.
    • Plastic bottles have a greater risk of leakage.
Kordon/Oasis (Novalek) SOA80304 Bell Bottle:

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Choco Nose H125 Patented No Drip Hamster Water Bottle:

Choco Nose H125 Patented Is included among the safe water bottles for Syrian hamsters and small dwarf hamsters. This water bottle is considered to be a no leak hamster water bottle i.e. it is leak proof. While buying a water bottle the most common problem arises is the leakage risk of the bottle, but when it comes to the Choco Nose H125 Patented hamster water bottle, the company itself declares it has no risk of leakage so it is 100% safe for your hamster.

The bottle is made up of pure and rigid plastic rather than of low-quality thin plastic, which makes it a quality product and that is why it always works upon the customer expectations. The water bottle holds up to 11 ounces, which is greatly perfect for regular use however it should be cleaned from time to time to avoid bacteria and germs.

Rather than strap holding, it needs to be screwed in a cage or, in an aquarium afterward, it can be unscrewed for cleaning and water changing purposes. The size of the bottle is 2.3*2.3*6 inches dimensionally and it weighs 54.4 grams. This item has a 4-star rating online and wonderful reviews overall as it possesses almost all the qualities a fine hamster water bottle would have.

The manufacturers are always trying to improve the product with their upcoming stocks so they can serve the best to their customers. The bottle’s no-drip declaration is proved to be honest by customer reviews hence it is worth buying to always keep your hamster in a safe zone.

    • It is easy to use.
    • It never drips.
    • It is smart and eco-friendly.
    • It cannot resist biting and chewing damage.
Hamster water bottle holder for glass tank

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Lixit Corporation SLX0850 Aquarium/Cage Small Animal Water Bottle:

The Lixit Corporation SLX0850 Aquarium/Cage Animal Water Bottle is a very unique top preferred water bottle at the online market place. The unique style of the bottle makes it hang like a bell in both aquariums and cages. It is easy to approach for hamsters and all other small animals.

The bottle has a polythene stainless steel double bell-point tube. The bottle is mainly suitable for aquariums interior i.e. It is specifically designed to fit accurately in an aquarium however it also works perfectly for cages. Its bell-like structure allows it to hang on the top of aquarium or cages providing ease to hamsters for drinking water.

The bottle is soak resistant, and never drips water. The bottle is made up of round edges so it prevents hamsters and other animals from climbing up to the bottle, and damaging it. Moreover, they can damage it by chewing the material, but it resists chewing up to a very great extent. It provides a large opening which makes it easy to clean the bottle.

The bottle is up to 5 ounces and weighs 18 grams. Its dimensions are 25*25*25 Millimeters. The Lixit Corporation bottles proudly have an overall rating of 4 stars on the online marketplace, and they have plenty of pleasant reviews on their product. The price of this product is worth it, and they are happily serving customers for a great time.

    • It is easy to use.
    • It is gnaw and climb resistant.
    • It is made up of very fine plastic.
    • It has higher soakage chances.
Hamster water bottle

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There are many things to consider before buying any water bottle for hamsters, either for dwarf hamsters or Syrian hamsters. Water bottles come in different designs and with various functionalities. It should be chosen very wisely, which relies upon all the safe and comfortable standards for hamsters. There are plenty of issues that can lead hamsters to expiration i.e. soakage, leakage, and other substandard difficulties. Moreover, the best hamster water bottle depends upon the type of hamster you have, and where you have kept the hamster either in an aquarium or in a cage.

There are various hamster water bottles available compatible with both Aquariums and cages however aquarium oriented and cage oriented bottles are also available. These bottles are highly sold online marketplaces, the creators creating these water bottles pay regards to both designs and quality. There are many more manufactures that are offering pet water bottles but these products discussed in the article are specifically designed for hamsters. The leading brands in this industry are SunGrow, Kordon/Oasis, Dahey, Alfie, etc.