How Long Do Hamsters Live

How Long Do Hamsters Live

While adopting a pet you need to consider a few factors and how long they live as a pet is the most important of all. After all you’re going to invest your time and emotions into it, it’s not a short term buy it’s a valuable decision. So I guess it’s not all unfair if you are worried about your pet’s life span.

So in this article you are going to get some important answers to most frequently asked question :

  • How long do hamsters live as pets?
  • How long do hamsters live syrian?
  • How long do hamsters live in the wild?
  • How long do hamsters live in captivity?
  • How long do hamsters live with a tumor?
  • How long do hamsters live in winter white?
  • How long do hamsters live in a dwarf?
  • How long do hamsters live, teddy bears hamsters?
  • How long do hamsters live russian dwarf hamsters?

So if you have any queries from the above mentioned issues you must need to read this article, that will not take not more than 5 mins to read.

How long do hamsters live as pets VS How long do hamsters live in the wild?

Adopting a pet is a responsibility and you need to take care of them completely as they are totally dependent on their masters for care. If you know how long they can live you can determine your bonding and responsibility period. Of Course you need to check this fact about all pets and hamsters are also one of them.

Hamsters when living in the wild live for almost 2 years as their circumstances are very tough and hard. But while living as a pet in a comfortable ambience can increase the lifespan of a hamster up to 4.5 years. But the hamster that lived for 4.5 years is marked in  the Guinness book of world record as the longest living hamster.

If you wanna ask how long do syrian hamsters live the answer will still remain the same, in the wild it’s 2 years and as pets it can be upto 4 years. As the Syran climate is hot and tough it’s hard for hamsters to live in the wild for long. But when it comes to teddy bear hamsters living as pets they can live comparatively longer due to your love and care.

Factors affecting a Hamsters Lifespan 

Of Course you can’t say that an average hamster lives for two years so your adopted one will live the same. Several factors can affect the lifespan of a hamster like he might be suffering from a medical condition. Like how long a healthy hamster will survive and how long a hamster with a tumor will live? The answer for both will be different. Definitely the tumor will reduce the lifespan of a hamster but is right medical care and good food can help a bit to add on some months or even a year to it. But the sad thing is that a hamster with a tumor generally survives for only two to three months, that time varies according to the spread of the tumor as well. The exact situation can be disclosed after examining your hamster by the vet.

The other thing that will be affecting the age span of your hamster can be its breed. How long do hamsters live, teddy bears hamsters vs How long do hamsters live russian dwarf hamsters? The answer can not be the same, as the Russian Dwarf hamsters have a longer life span as compared to the teddy bear hamsters. Where Russian Hamsters live for almost 3 years on average the teddy bear will have delicate skin and nature can not survive more than 2 years in the wild. 

 The other factor that can affect a hamster’s life span can be the living occupation, its health condition and its living environment. How long do hamsters live in winter white Vs How long do hamsters live in captivity? The answer will be completely different because the circumstances and hardness will be completely different. While living in winter white hamsters can hardly survive for 12 months or up to 13 months. Because these circumstances are very tough and they need heavy energy foods to survive the winter. Which they usually don’t get in the wild.

While they are in captivity and living as pets. Most pet owners are generous enough to arrange a cozy environment for their pet hamsters. And in such conditions when they are getting good care, a good environment and good food in captivity they can survive for almost two years. That duration can decrease or  exceed according to the health condition of your hamster.

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Lifespan of a hamster is totally dependent upon the environment and care that is fully dependent upon the pet owner. And believe me taking care of them will not be a burden, it will be a joy, a source of relaxation and a true satisfaction. And the time of the day that you will spend on them will be absolutely reproductive for their good health as they will be healthy, happy e and interactive with you and you can understand more about taking care of them and maintaining their good health.

Yes of course hamsters are not lifelong friends as dogs or, even cats are as stay longer than them. And the pain and sorrow of losing your beloved hamster can be really heartbreaking. and if the owner is a child I can understand the emptiness and loneliness he or she is going to feel after the departure of their dear hamster. But still I suggest that hamsters are the best pet for kids.

There are several reasons, one is they are not very demanding. They  don’t ask for too much care secondly they are day sleepers (Especially teddy bear hamsters) and they never sleep during the day time. While your kid is at school they are sleeping and whenever he comes back they will welcome them with a fresh smile. You don’t even have to regret that you left your hamster alone all day as he was already sleeping. This quality makes it a good choice as a pet for busy people as well.

Moreover, When your kid will learn the responsibility of adopting a pet. You can even get them someone that  stays for life with them like a dog. But the relationship they are going to share with their hamster is definitely fantastic. They will be more responsible than ever before. It will also improve their management qualities and there will be a better human being. As the hamsters will teach them to take care instead of being taken care of.

These small little creatures of joy are going to stay in a fine corner of your heart filled with joy and happiness. No matter that they live for smaller durations but the interaction and relationship you are going to share with them is going to be a joy forever. Once you make a hamster friend, you will never forget it.

With this article I hope I have achieved my purpose of answering your queries related to hamster lifespan and it might help resolve some of your fears regarding keeping them as pets.

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