Understand Your Hamster Better

Understand Your Hamster Better By Understanding Different Body Gestures

The mouse cannot speak, how can we understand them? In fact, Hamsters used to express some feelings through gestures you should know these. You should observe their body language more to understand them!

Different body gestures of the Hamster

The following is an explanation of the different behaviors of the mouse:

Finishing fur – When relaxing

There are two situations in which hamsters will trim their fur. The first situation is in a relaxed state. Another situation is that after the owner touched them, the mouse wants to paint his own taste again. Hamster loves his own taste!

Ear down

The hamster’s ears pointing downwards indicate that his alertness is low and he is in a relaxed state. When rats are alert, their ears are generally erect and high, and they are very impressed with the faint sounds of the surrounding environment. Because the eyesight of rats is not very good, they will use small sensitive ears to make up for their shortcomings.

Climbing on the ground:

Seeing them lazily, you know they are really at ease! Many hamsters sleep like this.

Tired body:

When the mouse is sleeping sweetly, it will bend its body, so as the owner, it is best not to wake them up!

When happy – Climb to hands:

When the mouse is in a good mood, he will climb up to coax his master. When the owner reaches into the cage and gently calls the name of the mouse, the mouse crawls on the owner’s hand, it means that they are in a good mood today!

Biting the cage:

The reason for biting the cage is not only for teeth grinding and dullness. On the other hand, Rats and Rats also use this action to express requests, such as going out to play or eat snacks.

Moving back and forth under stress:

Don’t think it’s funny that Rats and Rats often walk in the same route, but in fact this is a sign of stress. When mice are nervous, they will walk back and forth along the same route. If the owner sees this kind of performance, he should pay more attention!

Intense running runner:

Some mice will vent their pressure and dissatisfaction by running fiercely. So don’t think that running a wheel is a common thing. In fact, hamster is telling you that he is very uncomfortable.

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When angry – Shouted reflexively

When hamsters feel threatened, they will assume this posture. Sometimes the owner suddenly reached into the cage and frightened them. When threatened by their peers, they will also shout back. Because they don’t have any expertise in dealing with the enemy, they only pretend to be aggressive and scare away the enemy.

Stand up and grab it upward:

This means “I don’t like it here, I want to run away!”. If the rat has this action in his rat nest, the owner must pay attention to it.

Walk on the ground when alert:

Sometimes the rats will walk with their bodies lowered when they are out of the cage to play. This means that they are in a state of vigilance, and they usually do the same in unfamiliar places. When there is any wind and grass, it will move forward at full speed.

Stand up and move forward:

It is generally a curious expression. They stand tall to see if there are any enemies in the Quartet or to detect if there is something delicious coming by.

The nose keeps moving:

As mentioned before, mice have poor eyesight, so they use hearing, touch, and smell to make up for their lack of vision. When their noses keep moving, it means they want to detect their surroundings.

Introduction to hamster's body functions


The hamster’s eyesight is not good! You will find that if you hold him high. He will still jump down because he doesn’t know where he is. So it is best not to put the rat house on high places!


God is fair. Because the hamster’s eyesight is not good. So HE gave him a good ear! The Maple Leaf Rat can hear sound waves that we can’t hear. So don’t yell at him and don’t put the rat house or rat house near the electrical appliances! Otherwise, it will cause damage to Mouse’s hearing!


Rats’ teeth will continue to grow throughout their lives, so it’s best to place something that can grind his teeth in the rat house, such as a molar rod. Seed food. Chewing wood is fine! If the teeth are too long, they will be unable to eat and starve to death! So every once in a while. It is better to check the length of the rat’s teeth to be safer!


Did you discover it? Rats have a pouch on each side of their mouths for them to store food! Because the pouch is a confined space. Therefore, it is not suitable for storing some fermentable foods such as candy. Biscuits and other sweets. Or chocolate! Putting these things in the pouch for a long time will cause inflammation and even death of the rat and rat’s pouch. The consequences are unimaginable! Be careful!

Scent gland

The smelly line of the mouse. The abdomen below the body! You will see a hole in the hamster’s belly. Sometimes yellow and yellow have peculiar smell, that is their smelly line and the smell they emit! Each rat has a different smell. They will apply the smell on their own ground, and distinguish the other rat as a companion according to the taste. Still a stranger! If you want to know if the female rat is in heat. You can *nearly* smell it and there will be a faint burnt smell!

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The maple leaf rat has four toes on its front feet. There are five toes on the back foot. If you find their nails are too long, you can cut them off with a nail clipper but be careful. Otherwise, they might cut their toes and bleed!

Final Words

If you love the one you must understand the language in which the one can express himself. Unfortunately, we humans cannot understand the language of the mouse but we can understand different gestures. For understanding their need we should know what a particular gesture means. This article will help you to understand this.