Best Syrian Hamster Cage

Best Syrian Hamster Cage

When you think of the word “hamster”, you imagine a small, fluffy golden-brown ball of fur. However, hamsters come in different shapes, sizes, and types. The Syrian Hamster is quite large, and an adult Syrian Hamster can be around 12-13 cm and weighing 120 grams. Proper accommodation needs to be provided to Syrian Hamsters, sturdy …

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Best Hamster Food - Guide

Best Hamster Food – Guide

Best Hamster Foods are the desire of every Hamester lover for his or her pet. In pursuing to find this they look for Best Hamster Diets and Hamster Dishes. Sometimes you may not have enough money, do not worry about this you have the option of Cheap food for hamsters available at the same time …

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Bringing Home

The journey home will be a stressful experience for your hamster, and stress can potentially cause an illness such as wet tail, as well as behavioral problems. You should therefore do everything you can to make your hamster as comfortable as possible on this trip and when settling into its new home. You will usually …

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Choosing a Hamster

Not every hamster available to buy will be in optimal health, and buying an unhealthy hamster can lead to many problems and heartache later on. Therefore it is essential to know what to look for before you choose one to take home. In addition, the trip home can cause your hamster to become unwell, so …

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Preparing a Hamster Cage

Before you buy your hamster and take it home you will need to buy the necessary supplies  and prepare the hamster cage ready for its arrival. Your hamster will need time to adapt to its new home, and inadequate housing can lead to stress, and potentially health and behavioral problems. The cage should then be placed in a …

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Where to Buy

The best place to buy a pet hamster is typically direct from a breeder, as this way you are more likely to find a healthy hamster that has been well treated and therefore has a good temperament. This is less likely if you choose to buy from a pet store. However, most pet stores will offer a …

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Keeping a hamster is generally relatively inexpensive compared to other pets. However, it is still likely to cost too much for a child to pay for by themselves, especially if the hamster needs veterinary treatment at any point. Therefore it is important that a child is able to share the cost with an adult. The …

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