Syrian Hamsters | An Owner's Guide


Keeping a hamster is generally relatively inexpensive compared to other pets. However, it is still likely to cost too much for a child to pay for by themselves, especially if the hamster needs veterinary treatment at any point. Therefore it is important that a child is able to share the cost with an adult.

The main costs of keeping a hamster include the initial one-off costs of buying the hamster itself and the necessary equipment, which comprises a cagefood dishwater bottle and toys, followed by the recurring costs of beddingfood and chew toys. You may also want to buy treats for your hamster to eat, while vitamin supplements will be necessary if your hamster is a fussy eater in order to give it a balanced diet.

These costs are summarised below:


Usually around $10 – $20 depending on the type of hamster and where you buy from.

Cage, Food Dish and Water Bottle

$20 – $200 depending on the size and quality of the cage.


$10 – $30.


$4 – $8 per month.


$5 – $10 per month.

Chew Toys

$2 – $5 per month.


$2 – $5 per month.

Vitamin Supplements

About $5 per month.

Other Expenses

In addition, other expenses can potentially include replacement equipment, medication, veterinary treatment and flea treatment. Therefore you may want to factor in around $50 to $100 per annum when working out the overall cost of a hamster.